Bottling Line

Chateau Bianca’s bottling line is perfect for our winery. It allows us to bottle when the red wine is ready after barreling or white wine is ready after fermentation. At the beginning of the year, the line is in full swing with projects going through.

It all starts when the line is cleaned with only steam. Then empty bottles start the journey around the carousel to be fill with 750mL of delicious wine. Next, the cork is heat shank and placed inside the bottle. Afterward, the bottle is capsulated, labeled and then placed inside a case by one of our very busy production staff members.

We can produce two cases a minute and it has the capability of bottling a variety of different size of bottles. This allows for us to bottle to 650 cases of wine in a productive day bottling. In addition to the 750mL bottles, we can bottle a variety of sizes in 500mL, and sparkling wine.

Have you seen a bottling line in action? Check out Chateau Bianca’s Facebook page for videos of the bottling line.

What to try some of our wine that you see in the videos? Find the wine in the video!

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